Panasonic Ducted Systems

Panasonic Ducted Systems

If you need to cool a large area, a ducted AC system from Panasonic is a great choice. Models equipped with an inverter will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Enjoy year-round comfort and great energy efficiency with the innovative range offered by Panasonic.

Ducted air systems from Panasonic can be used in both residential and commercial buildings, with the pipes neatly housed within the ceiling out of view. The only parts you will see inside are the vents which can be located in the ceiling, wall or floor.

The ECONAVI sensor is one of the best features of Panasonic ducted air systems. This will detect movement and activity within a room and adjust the fan speed and performance as necessary. When no one is in the room, energy saving mode will be enabled.

Why Panasonic?

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed: Panasonic claims to have the most satisfied air conditioning customers in all of Australia, and this is backed up by a 5-star Canstar Blue rating.
  • Quiet Operation: No one wants to be distracted by noise, which is why Panasonic air conditioners have been designed to operate quietly. This even includes the outdoor unit.
  • Energy Saving: Equipped with ECONAVI, Panasonic systems help you save money on your electricity bill. You will receive excellent performance at a cost-effective price.
  • Heat/Cool your entire home: Ducted air conditioners offer many advantages over split systems. The main benefit is that you can heat/cool your entire home with the one system. Vents can be installed throughout your home, helping you to ensure every room is comfortable and reducing your power consumption.
  • Works Faster: Panasonic ducted air systems are equipped with high efficiency inverter compressors as well as DC motor fans. This means that they can cool/heat much quicker than conventional models.
  • Made for the Aussie climate: Even during extreme weather, Panasonic systems will operate at full capacity. They have an operating range of between -15°C and 46°C, so you will always be comfortable.
  • Climate Control: Using the wall panel, you can gain full control over the temperature range. They have easy to read LED screens and you can also get an optional mini controller for your bedroom.

Aircon247 can assist you with all your ducted air conditioning system needs. If you need help with Panasonic systems, please don’t hesitate to get in touch today. We look forward to assisting you.