Mitsubishi Split Systems

Mitsubishi Split Systems

Mitsubishi produce a wide range of split system air conditioners for Australian homes. They remain committed to innovation and are a leading name within the field of air conditioning.

Offering consumers sleek styling and new technologies, Mitsubishi is an exceptional choice for all your heating and cooling needs. The units blend in seamlessly with any interior space.

Some of the best features of the range include: Plasma Duo filter systems, i-See Sensor and Catechin filters. Whether you need to cool a small or a large room, you can’t go wrong with Mitsubishi split system AC units.

Why choose Mitsubishi Electric?

  • Exceptional reliability and energy efficiency: Mitsubishi split system air conditioners are designed for the Australian climate, so you can expect a long service life and low running costs.
  • Quiet operation: The Mitsubishi range operates at a quiet noise level as low as 19dBA.
  • Easy to install: Mitsubishi air conditioners are not complicated, meaning they can be installed quickly and easily so you can enjoy comfortable cooling and heating faster.
  • Premium inverter and standard “classic” options: Some Mitsubishi units use a traditional fixed speed technology, which can provide you with a 30% cost saving over an equivalent inverter system.
  • Wi-Fi Control: It’s not always easy to access the remote, but don’t worry because you can control your AC using your smartphone or tablet. You can access and control everything from power, timer and monitoring no matter where you may be.
  • Pure and clean air: Equipped with Catechin air cleaning filters, Mitsubishi units will provide you with the best quality air whilst preventing bacteria and viruses from spreading around the room. Odours will also be minimised thanks to the Plasma Duo filter system.
  • Easy to clean: Just remove the front panel + air flow vents and you will have open access to the fan.

Econo Cool

This smart feature will guide the airflow in the direction of people, which means you can raise the temperature by about 2 ºC without impacting on comfort. This will also provide you with 20% better energy efficiency.

Aircon247 can assist you with all your split system air conditioning needs. If you need help with Mitsubishi Electric systems, please don’t hesitate to get in touch today. We look forward to assisting you.